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Seaview to Mirboo North

Mirboo North to Gunyah Junction

Gunyah Junction to English's Corner

English's Corner to Carrajung

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Total distance:
136 km

Indicative time:
Maybe 4 - 5 hours? (plus your stops)
...but be sure to read the
"Important Disclaimer"
below first!

Important Disclaimer

It's a shame to have to say so, but these days, even inviting someone to "have a nice day" can expose you to the risk of them suing you if they don't, so my unequivocal advice to you on this matter has to be DON'T TAKE THIS DRIVE, but settle back and make the most of this virtual tour instead. I've done it, many times, and I've always enjoyed it. It's a public road, after all, so anyone can drive on it, and maybe what you see here will influence you to decide to give it a go -- or maybe even definitely not to. But whether you do or not, it's wholly your decision. A colleague of mine had a collision with an oncoming local's 4WD within five kilometers of setting out on this road, so be warned -- it's no suburban pavement.

  • Year-round, parts of the road are wetter than the rest of the state, and that's especially true in winter.
  • After stormy weather, it can sometimes take a day or two for the road to be completely cleared of debris.
  • It's probably best avoided for the first time on anything other than a clear day.
  • It's probably not a good area to have to get out of in a hurry in bushfire season, especially if you're not familiar with it.
  • Don't do it too early or too late in the day, because the hours around sunrise and sunset are when many native animals are out foraging for food.

We're not all the same. You might have a better car than mine, or a less well-maintained one. Yours might be better-suited to the road, or not. You might be a better or more experienced driver than me, or not. If you do decide to take this drive, I hope that you enjoy it as much as I always do, but once you get onto the road, and any significant distance into it, you're committed to the journey, and it's not always a simple matter to find your way to a better road, so if you're at all uncomfortable on it, turn around (where it's safe to do so) and go back!

Let's go!

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Stage 1 : Seaview to Mirboo North Stage 1 : Seaview to Mirboo North Stage 1 : Seaview to Mirboo North Stage 1 : Seaview to Mirboo Nth Stage 2 : Mirboo Nth to Gunyah Junction Stage 3 : Gunyah Junction to English's Corner Stage 4 : English's Corner to Carrajung Stage 4 : English's Corner to Carrajung