Peugeot 206 GTI

Damian's New 307HDi

Damian, one of the mailing list members, has replaced his 206GTI with a 307HDI due to someone running a red light. Damian kindly gives us a review of the 307HDI ..


No doubt a lot slower from a standstill than the 206gti. Took a bit of getting used to as it is slower initaially to come off idle than a petrol engine. Acceleration isn't that bad really and can keep in general terms to most cars being driven normally from traffic lights. Once at speed it is quite impressive indeed... This is my finding... From idle to 2000rpm the turbo is boosting up and in the lower gears that is fine and makes no difference to driveability. But once in higher gears you need to keep it above 2000rpm to keep motoring along happily. Torque curve seems quite flat from 2000-4000rpm and it doesn't seem to want or need to rev higher even though red line is at 5500rpm or so.... In city traffic (especailly after country drive now it has 1100kms on board) it is quite responsive and can easily hold it's own and show up other cars in a rolling start as it has such a broad spread of really good torque.. On the open road it is very good and the torque is great... Only on big hills when in 5th at or near 2000rpm do you need to gear down... The 206 probably would have made it up in 5th on some of them.


The trip computer quoted an average of 6.4litres / 100km for my use since picking it up which includes both city and a trip to Orange sometimes at 120-130kmh... This will get better as it wears in. It has no trouble doing 120-130kmh either... Whoever said no chance of losing your licence (Stephen!) was wrong!


Handling is as good as the 206GTi but a lot more compliant of our poor roads... Ride is heaps and bounds better though and it just feels so much more solid and stable probably due to track / wheelbase increases.. I was still able to pass Commodores and others on the corners going down Victoria Pass and Hartley Valley at 90 or so as fast as I was brave to go in the 206... It really doesn't feel so fast in the 307 though... Going back up Victoria Pass was quite good considering but obviously not as good as the 206GTi. I was able to do 100 up the hill whereas the 206 would easily do 120 while screaming it's head off.


Much more space, better seats (although only fabric) are more grippy than the 206, pedals are still close but not nearly as much as the 206. Steering is both height and reach adjustable. Much better for me...


Visability is good, Stereo is excellent compared to stock 206GTi (pre 2002 spec) Eurovox / Goodmans. The stalk works and the stereo / speakers are good too. Wipers are good in an odd retro Alfa 105 style. I didn't like how the wipers were meant for a LHD car in the 206. The 307 has wipers that sweep outwards from the centre. The 307 has coil springs and conventional shocks in the rear (No torsion beams) but does have MacPherson struts in the front. Am I happy??? Yes... I have made a few compromises but it is a good overall package that just makes sense the more I drive it. A funny thing I noticed is that I seem to get a lot more people looking and pointing at this car than I did in the 206GTi... When coming home from Orange I came accross a Pug 405 SRDT with a gent driving and two lady passengers in Bathurst... as I passed them in traffic they were looking and pointing wildly!!! Rubber necking and all so as I pulled up beside them the next time I gave a little wave and they waved back. *laugh* Very friendly those country folk.



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