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If it's not obvious - I sold my 206GTI last year. I'm not going to be updating this and probably can't help with responding, but I'm leaving this website running as long as I can to help those who still have the cars.


Oh boy - long time between updates. My car is almost 9 years old now but only really gets driven to work and back now I have 2 kids. It's still running well although needs some bits replacing (interior cabin fan is dying).


Hey, I'm still here. Sorry updates have been more than infrequent - family and work have taken up most of my time. The GTI is still going well. Had a service recently at Auto Studio a very good Peugeot/Audi/Porche/VW/SAAB place that used to do my wife's VW Golf (well, technically they still do it as my sister owns it). We still take the 307 Touring to the dealer (who've now changed). The GTI hasn't done a lot of kilometres - just to work and back but has been very reliable. It's just done 83,000km. The 307 Touring is also going well. I'm considering finally changing the stereo in the GTI to one of the new Sony Bluetooth headunits. But it might wait while I do somethings on the house!


Paul has done it again - how to change the gearbox oil in the Peugeot BE4/5 gearbox. Enjoy!

Rendezvous Snowy Mountains 2006

Rendezvous Snowy Mts (RSM2006) is a chance for all Peugeot 206GTi, 206GTi180 and friends to participate in the second national 206GTi conference. It is being hosted by the Peugeot Car Club of NSW and proudly supported by Peugeot Automobiles Australia, and Focus on Print.

Running from Oct 17th to Oct 19th 2006, the 3 day event will see participants engaged in a variety of social activities throughout the Snowy Mountains area. The official website is Here you will find registration information/forms, supplementary regulations, travel and accommodation details, FAQ, state trip maps, important dates, merchandise, travel tips and lots of other useful event information and downloads.

See you in the mountains !


Topgear have a 207 review and a bit of an interview of the designer. They seem to like the car, but haven't driven it yet.

I've got another Peugeot - a 307 Touring XSE 2.0L Petrol. Picked it up today to go with the GTI. Next week I'm going to be a parent for the first time, so we need a bigger car!


PVL has created a list of what types of lights the 206GTI uses for different things here and also some info about the Gearbox.


Well, Peugeot have released the 207 - have a look at the official website - I like it.


Is this really going to replace the 206?


Bet you thought I'd gotten bored - well kind of - just been busy with other aspects of my life. My car is going well - it's had it's 80,000km service - also had to get the idle stepper motor and throttle position sensor replaced (big $$$). This fixed the idle issue completely and also fixed the lack of power issue (TPS wasn't registering fully open so wouldn't give the car enough fuel).

I'm also buying another Peugeot (307 Touring) to replace my wife's Golf. Didn't set out to get one but no one else makes an equivalent car. I'm getting the 2.0L Petrol rather than the Diesel.

The new 207 finally showing it's face?


Some pics from the Vic Drive today.

Rendezvous Adelaide 2005 is alive.

Rendezvous Adelaide (RA2005) is a chance for all Peugeot 206GTi, 206GTi180 and friends to participate in the inaugural national 206GTi conference. It is being hosted by the Peugeot Car Club of Western Australia and proudly supported by Peugeot Automobiles Australia, Autoparis and Focus on Print.

Running from Sept 13th to Sept 15th 2005, the 3 day event will see participants engaged in a variety of social activities throughout Adelaide and the surrounding hills.

The official website is Here you will find registration information/forms, supplementary regulations, travel and accommodation details, FAQ, state trip maps, important dates, merchandise, travel tips and lots of other useful event information and downloads.

See you in Adelaide !


Welcome to 2005! Hopefully a few things happening this year.

PVL has come through once again with a How To on Fitting an external AMP to the RD3 headunit - go for it here.


No, the site's not dead. A few people have asked about whether the site is still going - it certainly is - I've just been very very very busy with work in the last 6 months or so. My car's still around - needs a service soon and probably a new battery as I suspect this is causing the idle to be a bit off. Hopefully there will be a few updates in the next month or so leading up to Christmas.


SimonC's sent in some words and pictures about the Sydney Drive Day last weekend.


SimonC has put together a how to on removing the door trim. A number of people have sent photos from the drive in Victoria last week, but no one's written something! Look here.


SimonC (and Co) have put together a DIY guide to changing the oil in your 206GTI. Have a look here.


Here are the pics for Schlumpf Collection and the Peugeot Experience that I visited in May whilst in France.


So, back now - I've been in Europe for a month! Whilst I was away the NSW people had a drive day at Bathurst. I've got some pics from my trip - including some of the Peugeot Museum which I'll organize soon.


The guys in Adelaide went for a drive yesterday - I met up at the start (I'm the guy in the grey polo in the first shot) but had to do other things! Glad you all had fun.


Drive Day in Adelaide - 26th April - contact Leigh. Brisbane are having one too - contact SimonM.


Two things: Bernie organized a drive on his favourite road and quite a few people went along. Also, Gavin tells me there's another Sydney drive happening on the 23rd May. More info here.


So, it's March already. The website's been busy - in the last few months a lot more people have been visiting (thousands more per month!).

Bernie has been busy - he's done a feature on his favourite road. A bit different to what we normally do, but we know you'll enjoy it. Have a look at the Grand Ridge Rd.

Simon has found the Peugeot Brisbane Holding Yard.


So, here at we've got spies everywhere. Today's spy is OsborneM who brings you 407SW Photos from an Ad shoot in Sydney, Australia.


Ever wanted to know how to take the lower centre console apart? PVL has the answers.


SimonM has sent in some pics from the Peugeot stand at the Brisbane Motorshow just prior to it's opening.


SimonC has sent in a report about the latest Sydney Drive.


SimonC has done a guide to Replacing the rear licence plate lights - thanks Simon!

Gavin has asked me to say: Sydney is having another Drive day on Sunday 1st February. Meeting place is the same as our last one Shell Space Station, Lane Cove. Meeting time is 9.00am for a departure of 9.30am sharp!


Well, welcome to 2004. I hope you all had a safe New Year etc. will be 4 years old in Feburary!

The WA pages have been updated.


Well, the 180's have made it to Oz. Simon Craig took one for a spin.


Gotta be quick - wedding anniversary today (1yr) - Jason pointed out an excellent article on the PSA Group (parent company for Citroen and Peugeot). It's a little bit dated (early 2002) but interesting none the less.


Few things to talk about:

Paul's been busy - maybe his new child is keeping him awake? :-). He's done a Throttle Cable Check, an Intake Mod, How to change the new style Tweeter and an update to the How to remove the front bumper article! Phew!

GuyC's sent me the latest news about the next WA Drive

I'm trying to organize a drive in SA on Nov 30th as well. No exact details yet, but contact me for info.

The 206GTI180s will start arriving in Dec. (I know when but can't say). The only Aegean Blue ones will be going to the PR fleet.


BrianA from Denmark has sent in his website - - he's got some great stuff including some good pics on how to change the front speakers and fit a stereo. More impressive stuff from Denmark!


Courtesy of SimonC some pics of the Sydney Motorshow and even a clip of the 307cc roof!


Gavin and the guys from Aussie Frogs organized a drive day yesterday. Have a look here.


Well. It's finally Sydney Motorshow time and the 180 has been released. For the press releases etc have a look at Autoweb or 206GTI180, 307CC or 307 Touring.


WA Drive Day 28th Sept 2003 has been added.

Rumor is that the GTI180 is having the spec changed a bit and that owners have been getting good performance (0-100kmph in 6.7sec) in half-run-in cars! More as it comes to hand.

Gavin's asked me to post that he's organizing a Drive Day in Sydney on Sunday Oct 19th. For more details contact him on:

SimonC has contributed a picture guide to changing the rear speakers.

Also, PaulV's a dad - his baby daughter Julia was born a week ago - congratulations Paul and Family!

Well, getting close to the GTI180 being released soon in Oz - just waiting for the Sydney Motorshow soon. Still not sure if I'll get one - keep changing my mind. The 2003 spec 206's have been released - Autoweb has the official pictures.


Paul's kindly done more work and done a great review of his 206SW GTi. Have a look here.


Paul's been busy and has been sending me some new items to put up. First one -> How to change your front brakes. Paul also pointed out the new Peugeot WRC page.

Big Ol asked me to mention a bulletin board about 206 issues. Have a look here.


Couple of little tid bits. Someone's coming out with a WRC "look" GTI180/RC - have a look here. Also, someone in Russia has come up with a Peugeot Parts Matrix. Also CarPoint have a review of the GTI180.


Ever wanted to know how to remove the bumpers?


Two things: I've updated the NSW page thanks to SimonC and PaulV has sent in graphic pictures of a key.


The WA pugs and the CCC club are have an "Interclub Navigation Trial" Peugeot GTi/CC Drive Day on July 20th. More here.


The Yahoo! group seems to be back now. No word on what was wrong.


The Yahoo! groups seems to be unwell. I'm not sure quite what's going on. I'm trying to figure it out. More news as it comes to hand.


SimonC's sent in some words and pictures about the Sydney Drive day that happened on Saturday. More here.

Also, some of the 206GTI's joined up with some others on a drive in Melbourne. More here.

John Mellor's got a fairly interesting review of the 180 and information about Peugeot in Oz. Highly suggested reading here.


Gavin's arranging another drive day in SYDNEY, NSW for Sunday 8th June. Contact him at [email address deleted].


PVL has been doing some more excellent how to guides. But I've been slack putting them up! Here's two more: How to remove the air intake and How to remove the outside mirror.


Pics and News from the latest WA Drive Day.


Condolences to the family and wife of Possum Bourne - a great champion. More information here.


Well, the press are now being allowed near the 206GTI180s. Some reviews are starting to come out. First is: Channel4 in the UK.


Well. The 206RC/180 is definately coming. Prices released in Europe are for EUR21500 - which gives us an Australian price of around mid 30k's. Official Photos (courtesy of here.


GuyC is organizing another WA event on Sunday May 4th.


Here's some fairly detailed information on the 206RC/180. Thanks to PVL/GC for translating it. John Hale sent me some pictures of his New Muffler system.


Official Peugeot information on the 206RC. Still not huge detail and still no pricing and availability.

Also, we've been working on an FAQ for Here it is!


Van the Man has another DIY article - How to Change the airfilter in your car. Phillips have a guide to their car lighting products. Aussie Frogs have a thread going about the GTI180 - looks like limited numbers and around $35950.

There are a few things going on - we're starting to get a decent FAQ together. More on this soon. If you've got any specific questions email them to


Bernie has some comments on the Peugeot run in Victoria yesterday.


GuyC sent this ages ago - it's how to quickly mount a camera, in this case a Canon IXUS, in the 206 for taking pics whilst driving!


Guy has sent some pics and info on a Track Day he went on in Perth, putting some other cars to shame in the handling department! has some good pics of the 180 and also a video clip of an ad for the 180.


Visited the dealer today - car's idling funny - they upgraded the ECU software (ask for it next service - should be on latest CD from Peugeot). The MAP sensor is dying and dropping out intermittently. They said to see how it goes. However, I had the problem just after I left the dealer. Greg from Taylors, if you read this -> I think the MAP sensor needs replacing! Will call monday! :-)


Van the man has added yet another guide - How to silence the buzzing at 2800rpm.

I've updated the Perth drive details to include the route information, beautifully supplied by Guy in rally pace note format! I've also added a description of the drive in Sydney.

One last thing - I missed this a while ago but: Peugeot have built 3,000,000 206's!


Lots of stuff - Russell's sent a guide to changing the aircon/climate control lights which you can read here.

There were 2 drive days one in Perth and one in Sydney.


Lots of stuff going on. PaulV from Denmark has sent ANOTHER brilliant article on something very simple - How to change the front globes on your 206. Also, Simon found a good Aussie website with some gory technical details about the Pugs - zip over to are having PUGFEST03 on June 22nd 2003 at Prescott Hill (Home of Bugatti) Gotherington, Cheltenham in the UK.


Simon found some GTI180's on the way to a photo shoot in Australia!

There are lots of Pug drives going on this weekend around the country. Join the email list and ask where!


A page is now up about next Sunday's NSW Pug Drive.


People in Sydney are trying to organize a drive day for Sunday 9th Febuary - Gavin's trying to organize it - email [email address deleted] but JOIN the mailing list too!


WA Pugs are having another drive day - look here.

Various Pug owners have been dropping into Adelaide - it's good to put faces to names on the mailinglist. A special "Hi" to Tim of Burning Pug fame and Sami (of not burning a Pug fame :-)


Happy New Year. Nothing new at the moment - I've cleaned up some of the broken URLs and tried to get rid of any images with spaces in their file names as older browsers seem to get them quite wrong. So hopefully it'll be a better experience for everyone.

I still have some stickers for sale. Email me - the stickers are available from various people around Australia locally (much easier) - if you live overseas, then email me and we'll work something out (the main issue is getting money to me).


Whilst I was away Paul the Van posted a how to on how to install the OEM Phone holder from Peugeot Denmark - it's got some good pics on how to take the dash apart which will help some people - have a look here.

I've been busy migrating the website to a new computer. The old one had some failing disk which caused a few outages. Hopefully no one will notice the difference except for a slight speed increase.

Also, MatthewT took some pictures of the 206GTI180 whilst he was at the Birmingham Motor Show - have a look here.


I'm back - I'll start adding things to the site again. I was away in Europe on my honeymoon with my wife (obviously! :-). Went to Italy - some Pug pics!

The WA Pugs had a drive on Sunday Nov 16th and the pics are here.


I'm going to be very busy over the next 3 or so weeks, so probably no updates for a bit, and I may not even answer email. If you have any 206GTI questions join the Yahoo! list (look on the right hand column near the top of this page) and one of the nice people on the list will help!.


Well, Peugeot not only got one, two at the Rally Australia today, but Marcus picked up the Drivers Championship and Peugeot the Manufacturers.

The owners in Sydney organized a drive day - have a look here for pictures and info.

And Jason's sent in a review of his new Michelin Pilot Preceda tires.


The owners in Melbourne had a drive yesterday.


The Pugs in WA are having another drive on Nov 16th.

Peugeot Australia have updated their website - looks pretty good, lots more information. Also, they have the 206 Sculpteur TV Commercial (mpeg - large).

Phil Soo went to the Sydney Motor Show and here's what he had to say.

Some sticker info.


I've been (yet again) a slack bugger about updating the site.

John Hale's sent me instructions and pictures on how to build a Mesh grill. Have a look here.

Sydney Motor Show is on - lots of Pugs there - apparently the excellent 206SW will be coming to Oz in 2.0L (manual) and 1.6L (auto) forms. Should be a big seller. Peugeot Australia have confirmed to me the 206GTI 133kw - should be released here either December or early 2003! Don't know when it'll be actually ordereable.

The stickers are here - they've been distributed to people in most states of Australia. I've been busy at work so haven't organized to send them overseas yet. If you think I might have lost your details email me, or join the mailing list (see on the right) and ask!


Here's a bit of news on the Peugeot models to be released in Australia next year.


NickS has sent in this URL to the Peugeot UK 206GTI180 site. Check it out here. Very cool.


Well, the Peugeot 206GTi180 is definately comming to Australia by the looks. Peugeot have released a preliminary set of pics and specs. Autoweb have more.

On another note the stickers are basically ready to post out.


And for full spec and pics on the GTI180 look here.

Seen a few more Pugs around Adelaide. More black ones, saw a guy in a new black one on Greenhill Rd tonight. He waved when we were at the lights! If you're reading this, email!


Well, the GTI180 is definately comming. Hoot UK! has a quick news bite.

And pic, at night, of the stickers on my car.


The stickers are here. Have to figure out prices etc. A quick pic of them sitting on my desk at work.


Yes, I'm still here. Work has been quite busy so I haven't had time to do any updates.

I have a Griffith's Quickshift now - it's quite good. My friend Ian of Peters Racing fitted it for me in about 15mins!

Looks like more information has come out about the 206RC. Apparently not until late 2003 in Australia (hmm, my lease runs out on my current car around then ...). Apparently the latest info about 206 RC / 180 / Sport update is: Improvement of intake and exhaust, still a 5-speed, 0->100kmph in 7.5sec, improved suspension, 17" standard, ESP standard, bigger front brakes, bucket seats front and rear, extra chrome details.

Also, the stickers will be here next week. They'll be white on clear and look something like this.

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