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How to take off the front bumper.

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The following instructions are regarding how to take off the front bumper.

This can be used for people who want to fit the new 2003 original or an aftermarket grill, or a GT or aftermarket bumper.


I know I made a How To about this subject before, but I recently changed the grill, so I made this one, which is more detailed and accurate.


Click on the images to enlarge.


1.       This is how it looks like with the old grill...  



2.       …and this closer, which is ok, but I just like the newer version better J.



3.       Remove the four mushroom clips (holding the plastic grill to the car) by…ae second one three ribs to the right of the filler hole, in the middle between the two longitude ribs. See the picture.



4.       …pulling out the centre piece first and the outer parts secondly.




5.       Remove the M6 Torx30 bolts, situated on the two ends of the upper grill.



6.       Bend the plastic grill up/forwards past the security hook. 



7.       Grab down behind the grill and loosen it by simply squeezing the six clips one by one…



8.       …until it’s free and remove it from the car.



9.       Loosen the M6 Torx30 bolt located bang in the middle, just behind the lion.



10.   Now comes the sweaty part: taking off the colour coded plastic section “between” the headlights. If you have and nails and you have some strength in your fingers, it’s possible to pull it towards you loosening it from the front wheel arch. If not use something to pry it loose, but at all circumstances do not use a screwdriver! 



11.   This is how it looks when it has popped off neatly…



12.   …but sometimes the clips will break!



13.   This is how a new one looks like J



14.   …but don’t worry as they only cost a few cents, but have at least four ready before starting this!

The number for these clips (75) is: 6995 X3

The number for the named “mushroom” clips (76) is: 6997 83, if you broke one or two.



15.   The remaining clips holding this piece to the headlights are sitting low in the corners. Push them one at the time downwards and release it from the headlight unit.



16.   Now the front looks like this.



17.   Now the M6 Torx30 bolts under the headlights have to be taken out. This is possible without removing the headlight units…



18.   …by using a Torx30 bit…



19.   …and for instance a set of combination pliers. The bolts are normally not sitting very tight, so this will not be a big problem. After one turn the bolt will be freed enough to turn it out by hand. Mind you there are two, one on each side.



20.   Crawl under the car and remove the two Torx20 parkers, positioned left and right of the spoiler…



21.   …and remove the remaining two Torx20 parkers left and right around the corner, close to the front wheels.



22.   Since you’re still on the ground; remove the front inner wings (left and right) by taking out the mushroom clip (the same as from step 3) situated close to you in front of the front spring…



23.   …and the other one which is positioned deeper in the wheel bay just to the left (when working on the left side of the car, of coarse)



24.   Take the inner wings out.



25.   Still sitting on the floor; remove the M6 nuts which are holding the bumper edges on it’s place.



26.   Take the connectors from the foglights…



27.   …by pushing in the steel retraining clip.



28.   We’re almost there: remove at the underside of the bumper the two M6x20 bolts, which are connecting the bumper with the steel transverse chassis bar…



29.   …pull the bumper edges down, out of the arches and call a mate and ask him to hold the bumper!



30.   The last thing holding the bumper on its place is a Torx20x30 bolt positioned in the middle of the bumper, in-between the head lights, just left from the Torx20 bolt you loosened in step 9



31.   Take the bumper off the car together with your mate each of you at one far corner and mind the paintwork while doing this. Now your car should look like this.



32.   If one wants to take out the grill, put the bumper down on the grass (or something else soft and non-scratching) with the backside up. The grill is simply clipped on the bumper by means of several retraining clips, moulded in the bumper. It’s fairly easy to take it off.



33.   Support the bumper from the underside and put the new grill into place.



34.   To put the bumper back, simply go in reverse order, minding the paint and noting that the front inner wings have to be slid back under the rear half of the inner wing. Keep also the markings in mind when you put the various nuts, bolts and parkers back, so all the items you removed will be bolted tight in the same position as they were. Then it looks like this…



35.   …and like this in close up,





© 2003-10-09, The Peugeot 206 GTi page.




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