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How to change your engine oil and oil filter

Usual Disclaimer - do this at your own risk - we don't take any responsibility for what you do and in fact recommend that you seek professional assistance if you're at all unsure.

The following instructions should help you to change the engine oil and oil filter in any 2.0L 206.

According to the owner’s manual the regular 2.0L engine found in the GTi and the CC requires 4.25 litres of oil when changing the oil and filter, and the GTi180 requires 5.3 litres of oil for the same task.  The manual is also quite strict on the use of 5W40 synthetic oil only for the GTi180.  Specific brands of oil will not be covered in this guide.

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assembled parts

oil drain pan

1.   Required parts:

Engine Oil - 4.25 litres for the 138, 5.3 litres for the 180
Oil filter - Peugeot part no. 1109T0, Perflux part no. LS923
Sump plug washer - Peugeot part no. 031327 (it’s only $2.00 people)

Required Tools:

8mm allen key/socket (alternatively you could use a 21mm socket or an adjustable spanner, but be careful as the sump plug is a bit too thin for these tools, and therefore easily damaged), latex gloves, large oil drain pan, oil filter remover, some old newspaper.


sump plug and filter locations

2.   Park the car on a flat location, then locate the oil filter and sump plug on the underside of the engine bay.  To drain as much oil out as possible, the oil should be warm (but you may risk burning yourself if it’s too hot).  If the engine’s cold, start and run it for 5 mins first.  It’s also a good idea to lay out a thick layer of old newspaper to prevent possible spillage marking the ground/driveway.


oil filler cap

3.   Undo the engine oil cap on the top of the engine so that the oil will drain easily. Give the cap a good wipe to remove used oil.


removing sump plug

4.   Place the oil drain pan under the sump plug.  Ensure it’s in place so that it will catch the gush of oil once the sump plug has been removed.  Be careful here, because when you first remove the sump plug the oil will tend to shoot out horizontally before settling down and draining at a much gentler pace.  Unscrew the sump plug and let the oil drain.  Try not to drop the plug into the pan as you will have to retrieve it by feel and the oil will be very warm.


draining oil

5.   Oil will start to drain.  This is a good time to clean the plug and fit the new copper washer you bought.  If the drain pan you have is big enough, you can move on to the filter removal at the same time.  Otherwise, you will have to wait for the oil to finish draining so you can then move the pan under the oil filter.  Some people even prefer to let the oil drain overnight.


access from the side

filter removal tool

6.   Undo the oil filter.

You may be lucky and be able to undo the filter by hand but invariably you will end up using an oil filter remover.  You can do this from the right hand side of the car, or from the front, whichever you find easier.

1. Ensure you have the pan or plenty of newspaper underneath the oil filter as it holds a fair amount of oil as well.


remove the filter

oil filter flange

7.  Use your glove-covered hand to unscrew the oil filter.  Keep the filter upright until you can empty the remaining oil from the filter into the oil drain pan.

Give the mounting flange for the oil filter a good wipe.


same part number?

8.   Compare the old oil filter with the new to ensure you’ve got the correct parts.


lubricate seal

9.   When draining is complete, it’s time to put in the new oil filter.  Remove the full oil drain pan.  Lubricate the rubber seal on the top of the new filter with new engine oil by using your glove covered finger, then screw the new filter back into place.  Do not use the oil filter remover to tighten the filter.  The official method is to wind the filter on by hand until you feel the seal touching the mating surface.  A further ¾ turn by hand will ensure an adequate seal.  You may not even get that so don’t over do it - it will be you that has to remove it again next time.


install sump plug

10. Using the allen key, re-install the sump plug (and new washer) - making sure the old washer is not still stuck to the side of the sump.  A new washer will ensure the plug won’t leak when you tighten it up.  Go easy - you don’t have to swing off it, and it doesn’t hold the engine on.  It just needs to be firm.


oil filler cap

11. Using a funnel (or a steady hand) into the top opening of the engine, refill with new engine oil.  Refill until the new oil’s container shows you’ve used 4 litres (most oil containers have a level indicator on the side of them).  Watch carefully as you pour in another 250ml (for the GTi) or you’ll need just over 5 litres for the GTi180.  If you’re not sure, use the dipstick or the oil level indicator on the dash.



12. Put the engine oil cap back on.
After 5 minutes or so, check the engine oil level with the dip stick to see if it shows full.  Don’t just pull it out and look at it - pull it out, wipe it with a rag, put it back in and then check it.  You can also check using the oil level indicator on the dash after moving the key to the "on" position.



13. Start the engine and run it for 5 minutes - there is no need to rev the engine.
After 5 minutes, shut it down, check for leaks under the car and re-check the oil level after 5 mins using the dipstick.



14. Clean up.  Pour the used oil into a used 5 litre engine oil container, then dispose of appropriately.  Check for leaks and check the oil level again the next day - on a flat surface and after the engine has not been running for at least 10 mins.

SimonC, Os Mak, Steve R

© 25th June 2004 The Peugeot 206 GTi page.

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