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Intake hose

How to remove the lower Centre Console.


The following instructions are show how to remove the lower centre console.


This might be necessary for a variety of reasons: for instance signal leads, hidden power sourcing from the cigarette lighter, etcetera.  


Click on the images to enlarge.


1.      Carefully lift up the rim of the (front) E-window switches with a small flat screwdriver blade. In order to avoid permanently marking the console, use a piece of paper at the pivot point.



2.      Remove the connector by lifting up the secure-clip.



3.      A bit blurry, but this is what it looks like when removed. Connectors like this are found throughout the car, not just here. Now we’re on the topic anyway: as far as I have seen connectors from PSA, they all have some kind of security retaining them. You cannot just pull them apart, the ones from the seat airbags don’t apply.



4.      Remove the connector from the E-mirrors by pushing in the retaining-clip and then pulling it out.



5.      When fitted, remove (by hand) the mounting for the seat heating and…




6.      …disconnect the connectors...



7.      …by folding out the retaining clip and pulling the connectors off.



8.      When fitted (in this case it is a 5-door SW GTi), also remove by hand the mounting for the rear E-windows by pushing the two inner side mounted retainers on the inside towards the centre.



9.      Here you can see one retainer in case you were wondering.




10.  Press in the retainers and pull out the connectors.



11.  Also here: carefully, without making permanent markings, release the little cover at the far rear of the second part of the centre console with the use of a small flat screwdriver. Again, use a precautionary piece of paper at the pivot point to prevent marking the console…      



12.  …remove the single Torx screw…



13.  …pull it a bit backwards so it releases from the front part and wiggle it out from in-between the belt retainers.



14.  Now the handbrake linkage and adjustment is visible, the latter by folding open the soundproofing material behind the lever. Normally the cables do not need adjusting ever; the slack is automatically taken up by the mechanism in the rear callipers. Five lever clicks is the normal adjustment. If it is more than this, you can adjust the slack but there must be something else wrong though; a malfunctioning calliper self-adjustment or failing cables. Check that in that case!



15.  To be able to take the front end out, you’ll need to get the handbrake lever out of the way. You can try to get by without doing so, but I guarantee you: it will not work and you’ll end up scratching the plastic and “white-folding” it (stress marks). Remove the three M8 self-locking nuts. Be careful not to drop them down into the chassis!



16.  This looks violent, but it’s not. Because the cables are pre-tensioned even in the released position (so the lever doesn’t bounce around when driving), the lever assembly is “locked” tight on the M8 studs. In order not to damage the thread, use a large flat screwdriver to release the tension from the studs…



17.  …like so: stick in the screwdriver about 2-3 cm until the tip is past the chassis’ sheet metal (car colour) and while it’s leaning against the handbrake bracket, push the handle of the screwdriver towards the front of the car so it’s easier to pull up the handbrake assembly and away. This may require some muscle flexing J. If this fails, you can slacken off the pre-tension, but count the number of turns.



18.  So, now the hard part is done, unclip the leather shifter glove at the front, pull it up  the shifter shaft…



19.  …remove the M6 self-locking nut (down where the switches of the E-window used to be)…



20.  …and remove the ashtray, by opening the lid and pulling it upwards.



21.  Now take the smallest screwdriver you can find and (with the handle in the ashtray hole) pry the flat tip behind the underside of the mounting cover. Be aware that that cover is actually mounded (in a flexible way) with the front end of the centre console. You can actually hook it into a fixed position, see step 23…



22.  …but don’t forget to disconnect and remove the ashtray light first!



23.  Remove the two Torx screws just in front of the ashtray.



24.  Now slide the console back as far as the handbrake assembly allows (until the assembly hits the hole in the chassis and while keeping one eye on the leads running under the console)…



25.  …away from the dashboard. Don’t get too eager though:…



26.  …you first have to disconnect the connector from the cigarette lighter. This is fiddly, but on one of the long sides there is (also here!) a retainer. It is visible on the picture when you look closely. Find it with your fingers, push in the retainer and pull the connector out.



27.  Be careful here: fold the front two “ears” outwards and slide the front-end first upwards along the dashboard. It barely fits, but the alternative is to take a seat out and after taking the console out you would agree that that’s not really necessary to remove.


If you used these instructions to hook up extra accessories -- PDM, MP3 player, a cooling box -- solder it neatly to the lighter leads, and tape it all off to prevent short-circuits.  It’s fused with a 30A fuse and has been accommodated as a power outlet as it is.

For your information:

-        Green-yellow is ground (minus)

-        Yellow is switched live (plus)

-        Grey/Blue-black is switched light (no more than 5W!)


Don’t try to take the cigarette lighter out though, it will not survive.



When re-installing the console, don’t forget to route the cables back to where they came from and also don’t forget to re-connect all the connectors to where they came from. Where there’s a left and right, plug green on green, black on black, and make sure they are secure. Nothing is more irritating that dismantling it all again because an electrical gadget doesn’t work. Also, make sure that you restore any pre-tension in the handbrake cables if you backed it off in step 17 above.







Edited by BB


© 2004-02-09, The Peugeot 206 GTi page.



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