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Oh boy! How slack am I? Car's okay - it got another side airbage sensor and so the little orange light has gone away. Had to get my tires rotated as the front left was being eaten away quite quicly. Recommend rotating tires every 5,000km. Not much to report, except that people are having problems getting the Audioleads adapters to work the the Oz spec stalk! Peugeot have finally won a WRC round - Finland. Look here.

And for those who like pictures - some fairly ordinary shots of my car.

As always, join the mailing list for more upto date information (see on the right hand side down near the bottom). We've been discussing allsorts of things recently.


Again, sorry for the lack of updates. Car is doing okay. There are more 206GTi's around - I parked next to one the other day, but didn't see the driver. If you're interested in the coverage of the WRC, then look here (Australia only).

I'll try for some more stuff up on the site over the next while.


Okay, Power Steering seems to be picking up. Airbag light still an issue, but they're getting a replacement sensor for it.

A 4wd 206? Look here. Maybe not what we'd hoped.

DBA have won an award for their new vented disc brakes. Check it here. Not yet specifically for the 206, but will try to find out if they'll bolt on.

Of course for calipers, you can't go past AP Racing.


Took the car back to the dealers yesterday. They investigated the side airbag warning light and replaced the power steering pump.

My car appears to have basically almost no power steering now. Very dead around centre. Taking it back and taking Service Manager Scott for a spin today or tomorrow. [I have to use 2 hands to keep it centred]

The airbag warning light came on again this morning. They're ordering a new sensor. Ugh.

On the plus side I bought the cargo net - it's okay - $42 from Taylors. Keeps the headrests from banging around in the boot.


Ben's got a review of the Eibach Suspension Kit here.


Shaun from South Africa has written about his adventures with upgrading the stereo on a car with the 2040 head unit. Read about it here.


For those looking for new tyres to put on your GTI, check out Ben's review of the Yokohama A539.


Thanks to Quadrantforce we now have a DIY guide for replacing the front and rear speakers on a 206! For rears look here and for fronts look here.


Ok, hasn't been much here - sorry. There will be a bit of new content soon. I'm still waiting on ADSL and it's a bit annoying to edit the site remotely.

Still waiting on the Power Steering Pump. Wasn't in stock - so we'll see - have to ring dealer next week. The side airbag light come on a bit now - when I get the pump fitted I'll get the dealer to check it out (I've told him about it).

The only other thing is I had to get new carpet mats for the front, it's a bit gross why, but suffice to say it was better to get new ones than clean the old ones!

One small rumor - the 206 Sport (206SP) with 180bhp (124kw?) will be released in Europe in Sept '01. Dunno if it'll make it to Oz. Hope so!


Car went in for 20,000km service last friday. No worries. Picked car up, felt "different". Over the weekend (long weekend in SA for the little men on horses) power steering gradually went away. Now. I doubt it's due to the service. For a while now the steering has felt odd. So I suspect it's been failing for a bit. However, after the service (all they did to it was check fluid level) I think it gave way. Problem is this: I quite like the lack of power steering at speed. Much better road feel and so I feel like throwing it around more. However, around town it sucks. New pump arrives tomorrow or thursday.


Hoot Uk! an online Car Mag has a review of the 206GTI.

I've just had a quick spin with the engine cover off - it fixes the buzzing and makes the car quieter. Takes about 1minute with a large, flat blade screwdriver. I don't see any reason that you can't drive without the cover as it appears purely cosmetic (however, don't blame me if something goes wrong!).


Everyone who has a 206GTI at sometimes complains about the buzzing at around 2800rpm. Someone's posted a possible fix on the Yahoo! 206 Club. The fix is easy. If you're too lazy to go there then I quote Jindra:

Ignition coil is located under the big motor cover. This cover is held down by 6 plastic bolts, BUT they are located in the 1/2 of the cover. The iritating noise around 2800 rpm comes from unsupported part of the cover. The simple remedy is to use 1-2 rubber rings placed on the valve in the front of the engine block.(airco valve?) to support the front part of the cover. I've done it 1.5 week ago and no resonance since :o))) The cover has a cavity in this particular area so the rubber ring is held in place and it looks almost OEM...

This website could be a little flaky to get to over the next month as it's being moved to a faster Internet Connection. If you can't get to it, try again later!

According to this article in Evo Peugeot will be releasing a 180bhp 206, but not for a while.

Sorry about no updates for a while, I've been in the USA on holiday, driving hideous American cars. It was so good to come back and drive the pug, I've been enjoying it all over again.


Looks like Peugeot Australia want a Rally Program according to this.


Ok, well, at least in Rally of Portugal the Peugeot 206 WRC team didn't do too badly.


Car had a brief stop in at the dealers to finally fix the audio stalk. Which they said they couldn't do because the headunit had a fault. However, on the way home I accidentally knocked the stalk and it seems to work. Go figure. I had a 405 as a loan car, not too bad, not enough head room and the auto wasn't great, but it was a nice car to drive otherwise. Maybe a 405MI16 for a second car ...


I had to get new front tyres fitted. I stuck with the Pirelli's mainly so that I could use the spare and only had to buy one P6000 (I'm saving money for a holiday :-). So, only $AUS208.00 for one. Next time I'll probably go for the Yokohama A539 as it's a bit cheaper and has more grip. Although the tread looks a little odd! Have a look here.

Dropped a friend of mine off at our prefered Car Audio dealer, (Sorry about their website, it's not overly clean) Complete Audio. They quoted around $AUS750 for an upgrade to MB Quart speakers for the front (splits) and back. I didn't take down the model numbers. I'll have a think about it. (This assumes doing no modifications to the car and retaining the current headunit).


Minor mods to the site, I've added a links section for Rally, and also changed the picture back to the road 206GTI as the Rally picture was of the '00 WRC Car. When I find a decent picture of the '01 WRC car I'll swap back.

The Rally section now has a link to Esscargo, an Australian crowd who rally Pugs (without factory support - Peugeot Australia don't get it) and they make/sell some cool 206GTI parts. Please support them!


Aren't I slack. Happy (Belated) New Year. Too busy at work - the company just got bought out.

My fronts are almost ready to be changed. Only lasted 12,000kms! Should have had them rotated earlier. I think I might use the spare and one new tire for the fronts and then swap to something else later. Hmm. Maybe Yokohama A520s or A539s. Aside from that the car is running okay. Except I still have the buzzing noise at around 2500rpm to 3000rpm! The dealer has the new Audio Stalk, I've just got to take the car in!

SimonC emailed me to say that Peugeot Sport have changed their URL to:

Bummer about the Monte Carlo Rally, especially since no factory cars finished in last years rally either!

If you've got non-standard speakers in your 206, then email me with the speaker model you've fitted and how hard it was (did it require cutting etc?). I'm looking at changing the fronts especially but want to know what other people think.


Tommi Hares mentioned that he's trying out the JR-Filters Direct Kit, a new Induction kit. Search for Peugeot, look for the 206S16 - a claimed increase of 8 to 15 HP for around US$72.


Arwi, a soon to be Dutch 206 owner, sent me this email regarding Peugeot Rally Parts and the junior 1600WRC class. Here's the link to the Paris Peugeot Motorsport Page. Here's a link to


My car went in for it's 10,000km checkup. Nothing major to report. They're still having a bit of a problem getting the audio stalk working with the locally installed headunit. Bit annoying but nothing shocking. I forgot to arrange a loan car, so I walked back to work! (nice day for it, bit humid).

Well, looks like Peugeot will win the WRC Manufacturers championship this year and Gronholm could win the drivers as well! Excellent.

I saw the 2001 model at the dealers, looks good, the rear set headrests look much better and should offer better rear vision. I know a lot of people like shiny things on their car, but I prefer the body paint coloured fuel cover.

If anyone's got some info about 206's they'd like to host, drop me an email and I'll see what I can do. I'm having problems keeping up with everything in my life at the moment!


Oh dear! I've been SOOO slack about updating the site. Sorry about that. A number of people have already told me off! I'll try to be a bit better about it.

Telstra Rally Australia is on at the moment. Gronholm was leading but appears to have dropped back!

Well, if anyone has anything they'd like me to put up, let me know.


What Car? magazine has the latest supermini class crash tests. The Peugeot 206 did quite well - have a look here.


Alexander emailed to say there's a Yahoo! 206CC club now opened. Goto Yahoo! 206cc. Thanks Alex!


Cyprus Rally - currently going on this weekend, hence the new picture above (lovingly grabbed from Peugeot's own WRC website: here). Rally365 also has some good stuff. Including a great quote from Francois Delecour:

"Francois Delecour has kept the remaining Peugeot in good shape to stay in the points, but lost the brakes on the long stage. "Not a bad time considering that problem." he said after losing only 1.5 seconds / km. His swift but steady pace put him in position to move ahead of Burns at the day's end."

No brakes and he only lost 1.5sec per km????

On another note I was in town yesterday and parked in a carpark, the guy who had just parked next to me said he had a GTI on order for November delivery! I talked to him for a bit, but didn't introduce myself! Sorry!


RECALL! Some people may have seen the recall of some 206's (see here on BBC World). The service manager at the dealer said that a) doesn't affect any Australian delivered 206's as far as they're aware b) affects cars built June 1999 to March 2000. So, if you're in Australia, don't panic.


Added a few new links ..


And more from AutoExpress on the 206CC.


Ah! August already.

Peugeot have announced pictures of the 206 Convertible, the 206CC. Pictures at Looks Cute.

Someone's built a 206 Quick Shift kit for about UKP100. It replaces the shift mechanism and reduces the "throw" considerably. There was discussion on the Yahoo! 206 club recently, so go and look there.

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